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The op-eds in this section cover important topics ranging from the economy, management, politics to social issues, education and the arts. Critical thinking is a vital process to find solutions for today’s complex challenges. It is important to address them intelligently and constructively, otherwise we will fail to move forward and cope with our challenges.


Learning from “The Interview”

Sony has been fast to bring the movie 'The Interview" from selected theaters to Netflix. With last December’s political commotion around the release, I invested the time to watch the film. Unfortunately, from an artistic perspective I wasted valuable lifetime. The...

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A Place of Darkness

t is one of the most chilling places on our planet. One cold December morning, I drove to Dachau, a small town in the periphery of Munich. Clouds were fighting with the sun about who would dominate the day: a diffused dark...

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It Will All Be Good

n January 24, the nation congregated in front of its television screens to listen to the President's State of the Union. At the end of the speech, the People retired for the day knowing that it will be all...

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Time Capsule: November 20, 1923

Learning from History Between 1850 and 1914, world trade grew tenfold. The trend was driven by several factors: faster and bigger ships, transcontinental railways, and the establishment of international news and information systems, most prominently the telegraph,...

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8:46 a.m.

  Sunset or Sunrise? Beginning or the End?     I am sitting in an airplane somewhere above the Atlantic, racing back to New York. Home. Ten years ago, in the evening, I was working in my office in Tokyo when my wife called asking to join her - at once - to watch a...

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L’éducation artistique

The Power of Arts Education There seems to be no concept used more often, in today’s debate regarding our Nation’s future, then The American Dream.  The expression dates back to James Truslow Adams’ book “The Epic of America” published in 1931 where he writes: “…that...

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Communication 24-7

Houston; 6:47 a.m.: In a suburban home, a boy runs into the kitchen.  His mother is preparing breakfast while shouting towards the staircase to her daughter, who is talking on her cell, telling her that she is going to be late. Her husband sits at the kitchen table,...

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Leadership and the Principle of “I”

[dropcap style="font-size: 60px; color: #ff6f00;"] I [/dropcap] believe a leader has to be the lighthouse of the organization. During the past two years when the nation discussed the cause and implication of a  severe disruption of our economic structure, we had to...

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