This week, I spent an afternoon at the UAP's new partner school, Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology in New York City, for a Master Class on portrait photography with students in the after school photo program with teaching artist Laurie Krupp.

It was an amazing and rewarding experience. I have never worked with young students before and I was impressed by their passion to learn and experience with the camera. I shared examples of my work and the techniques which I used to achieve certain effects.  I discussed with the class principles of light and strategies for shooting in both natural light and studio settings. The students' work was uploaded for viewing and reflection toward the end of the class to discuss what tools they used to capture their subjects in different ways.


"We were learning how to bend light to the best angle that suits our frame.  My favorite part was learning how to manipulate natural light to capture the moment.  I like how photography shows the common factors between different people.  I love the class."
- Venitia, 9th grade