This week on the East Coast we’ve had to realize fully our subordination to the awesome power of nature.

I hope you have come through the storm and I send my thoughts to my friends and their families who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Much of the region is struggling to recover and has been without power, and there have been many nights by candlelight. More than anything this week, we’re reminded that the weather stands still for no one, and neither does time. Though we try to manipulate it and bend it to accommodate our whims.

With that in mind we’d like to give you a little present in the form of a reminder. Don’t forget to fall back and change your clocks before bed this Saturday night. Daylight savings time ends on November 4, at 2:00 am.

Please enjoy Thornwillow's debut online Daylight Savings Time broadside, which will help us put the movement of time in context. To read it, please click on the image below.

Feel free to send it as a kind reminder to your loved ones.