Bella Toscana: La natura può più dell'arte



Nature is beyond all teaching.

Renowned for its art, history, and evocative landscape, Tuscany is a region where the past and present merge in pleasant harmony. Hill-towns gaze across the countryside from on high, many encircled by Etruscan walls and slender cypress trees. Handsome palaces testify to the region’s wealth while medieval town halls indicate a long-standing tradition of democracy and self-government.


Mount Rushmore: Presidential Profiles

Mount Rushmore is know as the “Shrine of Democracy”. It has become one of the most iconic images of America. The Presidents profiles are recognized around the world as a symbol of freedom and liberty. That was then.

Istanbul – Gateway between Europa and Asia

Istanbul is a frenetic city with a wealth of culture, history, and nightlife. Split in two by the Bosphorus Strait, it is the only city in the world to straddle two continents, Europe and Asia, and thus has two contrasting atmospheres.


Masterclass. The Power of Learning.



A day at a Los Angeles Middle School

While I was driving through South Central Los Angeles, about to teach a class in photography, I was wondering what to expect. Years ago, I gave a photography masterclass at the Newcomers High School in Queens, NY. I fondly remember the engagement of the students and their hunger to learn.


Summer Time

One summer I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in British Columbia. I find that the coastal region north of Vancouver is one of the most beautiful hiking areas on the West Coast. Beside many unforgettable memories I brought some images home.

Light & Shadow

The capturing of light and shadow is in its essence the visualization of your personal reality. An image expresses your feelings at a moment in time. Photography is a combination of art and craft. It conveys the spirit of time and place.

National Monuments

24 Hour Play : Los Angeles



A true stage marathon for arts education

When a group of game writers, directors, and actors get together to create a play from scratch in 24 hours, the results are entertaining–and enlightening. Here, the accomplished participants in the 24 Hour Play talk about the process and bust some myths about writer’s block.


Man Made

This collection captures the crossroad between nature and man made creation. It covers what we created in the world: architecture, art, cities and objects. I am equally intrigued by the grandeur of a metropolis or the delicate detail of a sculpture.



Nature is the backdrop of our existence. As I traveled the world and had the opportunity to interact with people from very different walks of life, I looked at their surroundings and captured the beauty of the place. Outdoor photography is my favorite subject. I love the play between light and shadow.