When I saw on the ground the shadow of the letters which form Jaume Plensa's sculpture "Nomade", I remembered the German proverb "Papier ist geduldig", which translates into "Paper is endlessly patient". I guess the modern version should read "Magnetic cobalt alloy platters are patient" but what remains constant is the fact that what matters is not the written word, but the meaning of it.

In that context I find the shadows symbolic for the truth and meaning which stand behind the word. It takes consciousness and determination to see the delicate shadow behind the dominance of the word's visual presence.
Date: 09/05/2010
Location: Bastion Saint-Jaume, Antibes, Côte d'Azur  
+43° 34' 52.54", +7° 7' 37.85"
Focal Length: 46 mm
Exposure: 1/200 sec at f/18,  ISO 250